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delicious meal from Scusi rest.

  Happy Family meal from Scusi Restaurant, if you were hungry, and thinking to invite your family to such a delicious, rich and satisfying meal, all what you got to do is to pick Scusi family meal and your return will be guaranteed.


Features & Specifications:


- King size family Pizza

- 5 Pieces fried chicken

- French fries

- family dish appetizers

- family Pepsi bottle 

Terms and Conditions:


- Valid for 30 days strting from issuing effective date.

- home delivery available with extra fees not included to the meal coupon price.

- Bring your coupon or the serial number on the coupon the time you want to get your meal.

- Voucher can only be used once.

- Vouchers are non transferable for cash.

- Vouchers are not available for resale.

- Product or service will be delivered to the person who has the voucher with him or voucher serial number.

- Voucher will be valid for one month starting from receipt date. 

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Scusi Restaurant

Mansour - Opposite of Mishmisha refreshment shop

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