Refer a friend and earn
$ 5 in Your IraqOffer Account

You can earn $ 5 in iraqoffer incentives whenever you refer a friend to Iraqoffer and they buy their first offer !

Your Personal Referral Link

What's this about?

You can earn 5 $ in your Iraqoffer account for every friend you refer to Iraqoffer, once he register and buy any offer valued 5 $ or more!
It's our way of saying thanks for inviting your friend to join IraqOffer Family.
This gift can be used ONLY toward any Iraqoffer purchase, with no expiry date but we can NOT give it in cash !

How to participate?

Use the tools above to share your personal referral link. through email, Facebook, or twitter, and when anyone clicks your link, subscribes, and makes his or her first purchase of $ 5 or more, you will earn $5 in your Iraqoffer account.

When will be rewarded?

Once we confirm your referral, we'll deposit $270 in Iraqoffer incentives into your account within 72 hours following the closing of the offers your friend bought. To check your Iraqoffer incentives balance, click your name in the upper right corner, and then look at the box on the right.

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