Point of Delivery

Iraqoffer main office

Baghdad_Mansour_Jadarji building
Telephone: 07807827681
Email: support@iraqoffer.com

Mina library for stationery and gifts

Baghdad_Zayouna _Al Rubaee street
Telephone: 7702903000 - 0790167

True office for IT solutions

Baghdad_Gazaliya_computers complex

Al Wisam office

Baghdad _ Hay Al Adil _against Al Adil post office
Telephone: 07901708611

Al Itian company

Industry street_VS. University of technology
Telephone: 7807827681

3D office for computers

Baghdad_Al sina'a street _ nearby University of technology
Telephone: 7802299180

Ahmed office for computers

Baghdad_Al sina'a street _ nearby University of technology
Telephone: 7704861186

Haya office

Al Saydia _commercial street _VS. the bank
Telephone: 7707118211
Email: hedar_amer@yahoo.com

zoom net office

Al_Saydia _behind Uqba Bin Nafee scondary school

Al Anwar for internet services

Baghdad_al sha'ab _ shallal market
Telephone: 7902420040

Izone office

Baghdad_ Baghdad Al jadida_Al mashtal
Telephone: 7707988926
Email: mohanad_romio@yahoo.com

Al Fahad office for internet

Al Adhamiya _Ras Al Hawash_Al Chalabi building

4 ST office for mobile services

Al Yarmouk _near al Nadi Al Tarfihi
Telephone: 7901437193

Al Kal'a office for internet services

Baghdad_Karrada dakhil _near the central market
Telephone: 7700880091

Al Hanin office for shopping and gifts

Baghdad_Palestine street
Telephone: 7501397190

Al Mustaqbal office

Baghdad _Al Ameria _Al Amal street
Telephone: 7506796063

Al Qimma office for mobiles

Baghdad_Ameria _nearby Orange refreshment
Telephone: 7709080003

Phone life office

Baghdad_Zayouna_VS.Maxi mall
Telephone: 7700044494

Al 'Omda center for mobiles

Zayouna _Al Rubaiee _VS. Asiacell company
Telephone: 7703441500

3G office for mobiles

Baghdad_ Zayouna_Al Rubaiee_Al shara'a building
Telephone: 7700013313

Al Zeezphone office

Baghdad_Al Kadhumiyah _Akad street
Telephone: 7901220301

Koistan office

Baghdad_Hay al binuq _Fahmi al mudarris street

New line office

Baghdad_Al khathra'a
Telephone: 7903274909

Technical engineering office

Baghdad_Al Dora _Al Jam'ya street
Telephone: 7702444612

Ya hala office

Baghdad_Al Gazalia _Al Badala street
Telephone: 7506796777

Al hadhaba office

Baghdad_Al Suleikh _Main street
Telephone: 0790388771
Email: Al-hadhaba @iraqoffer.com

On-off office

Baghdad_Al Suleikh _Main street
Telephone: 7804000858

Computer lawnd office

Al Sulaymania _Salim street
Telephone: 7701427415
Email: nawrozk34@hotmail.com

Qais Al Shekh office

Al Basrah _Al Ashar _Kais Al Shekh center
Telephone: 7702693188

Muhammed super market

Al Basrah_Al Asmaee Al Jadid
Telephone: 7703104392

Soft for computers office

Dohuk _KRO_40 street
Telephone: 7504247872

Rozalina office

Al Diwaniyah_ Hay Al Jumhoria
Telephone: 7800756940

Al Ghasaq office

Al Hilla _ 40 street
Telephone: 7805325549

Viper office

Al Hilla _Al Dhubat street
Telephone: 7803360060

Abu Hala office for mobiles

Al Rumadi _Falujah _al Thirthar street nearby Al Hadhar mosque
Telephone: 7812008002

Dhou al kamar office for mobiles

Al Rumadi _Falujah _al Shariee Al Jadid nearby Hussain resturant
Telephone: 7901507597

Ala'ama office for mobiles

Karbala'a _Tuayreeg street
Telephone: 7804406022

Al Kabas office

Dyala_ba'aquba _ commercial street
Telephone: 7801100870

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