1). What "Offer is Available" means?
2). I bought an offer but didn't receive the email?
3). In Offer details there is Terms and conditions, are those the same of the website terms and conditions that I agreed on registration?
4). When can I use the coupons I got from Iraqoffer?
5). After purchase, how to use the coupon?
6). I want to buy more offer as a gift, can I do this?
7)/ Can I gift the coupon with my details to a friend for redemption?
8). Does it work if Iraqoffer coupon combined with other offers from the merchant?
9). When the offer amount will be deducted?
10). What is P.O.D.?
11). What are the alternative ways for payment?
12). Is it safe to deal with Iraqoffer.com
13). If I face Trouble while redeeming your coupon, what to do?
14). Am a merchant, how to offer my product or services through Iraqoffer?
15).What is Free Offer?
16). When I will see offers from business in my city?

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