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Now you can go with the new formula of muscle pure protein with power energy you have never experienced before, the new integration of muscle food of 100% premium whey protein plus supported with Halo Anabolic and Nano x9, release the beast inside you.


Features and Specifications


  • 100% premium whey protein plus (vanilla)

  • Nano x9 Hardcore

  • Halo Anabolic

  • 1 Free Shaker

Terms and Conditions

  • Cash on delivery now available (Al-Chaderchi Office)

  • Valid for 30 days starting from issuing effective date.

  • Bring your coupon or the serial number on the coupon in addition to a valid ID on delivery point for receipt your stuff.

  • There will be extra fees for delivering your stuff to the nearby reseller, check P.O.D, or you can receive it from Chadirchi branch for free

  • Subject to availability.

  • Voucher can only be used once.

  • Vouchers are non transferable for cash.

  • Vouchers are not available for resale.

  • Product will be delivered to the person who has the voucher with him or voucher serial number.

  • Voucher will be valid for one month starting from receipt date.

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